Resonance Repatterning is a healing system created by Chloe Faith Wordsworth. It draws from many healing modalities such as Color and Music Therapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Brain Science.

What Is Resonance?

     Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly know you will hit it off with them? You resonate with that person. Or conversely you may know instantly that you are repulsed by someone but you may not know why. You do not resonate with this person. Resonance also describes why we like certain music and not others. Music is made of a combination of frequencies and so are we. When our frequencies align with one thing or another, it is resonance. Ideally we want to resonate with positive things that energize us such as our goals and intentions, and positive emotions such as love, contentment, and peace. But sometimes we find ourselves resonating with fears, negative conditioning, or bad habits that drain our vitality. Resonance Repatterning shifts us away from these de-energizing influences, giving us the what we need to be more successful, satisfied, and at peace.

What Is Muscle Checking?

     The tool that we use to check what we are resonating with is muscle checking. It is a simple on or off response that gives us access to information often unavailable to the conscious mind. It is also called Applied Kinesiology. It can be easily used at a distance accurately as well. We also use muscle checking to identify what our body-mind system most needs at the moment to heal.

What Can Resonance Repatterning Help?


  • replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones

  • healing from breakups

  • depression and anxiety

  • phobias

  • achieving goals

  • family issues

  • decision making

  • enhancing creativity

  • creating a positive self-image

  • helping pets who are fearful or behaving badly

  • many other conditions

Break free from limiting patterns

What is Resonance Repatterning?

Julie Tovarnak
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